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Creators of Auto Shutdown Pro II, Auto Shutdown Free, AutoZIP, and AutoFTP.                 2 Million Downloads and Counting.
Auto ShutdownPro II
Saves you money, electricity, and your computer.
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Purchasing, Licensing and Registration:
The process of purchasing, licensing, and registration are totally encapsulated in the seven steps to follow.  Let's get started:
Step 1: Define quantity of licenses to purchase.
The quantity of Auto Shutdown Pro II licenses you purchase times price will equal your purchase cost. The price of each license is $20 USD. You may purchase one or more licenses. The default quantity below is one, for one computer. But if you wish to purchase more licenses, simply change the quantity to a larger number.  Please enter now the quantity of licenses you wish to purchase in the box provided below:
Quantity: (Quantity times $20 USD equals your price and payment.)
Having defined the quantity of licenses you wish to purchase, click the Submit button below to proceed to the next step.

Purchase Benefits:
Purchasing licensing for Auto Shutdown Pro II gives you:
  • The knowledge that your computer is now protected.
  • The computer itself will now last much longer and you will also receive substantial savings in electrical costs all of which saves you money.
  • You have a personalized registered license.
  • You have the unlimited use of the sofware without any reminders.
  • You have FREE updates to Auto Shutdown Pro II for the life of your computer.
  • You have the peace of mind that Auto Shutdown Pro II is legally licensed.
Auto Shutdown Pro II
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