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Creators of Auto Shutdown Pro II, Auto Shutdown Free, AutoZIP, and AutoFTP.   
Auto Shutdown Pro II
Saves you money, electricity, and your computer
Auto Shutdown Free 
It's Free!   Saves you money, electricity, and your computer

New, better, more options, and Auto Shutdown Free  is freeware; so it is free. Auto Shutdown Free  is handiest, newest software to help you automate shutdowns, countdowns, restarts, hibernates, sleeps, power on, power off, log off, locks, turning off the monitor all at schedule times you specify. Plus it has these added options to shutdown the computer if idling, the ability to play tunes and videos, display countdowns, files, URLs, and reminder messages, kill running programs, allowing for multiple tasks, with tutorials, all features usually only found in the high price shareware shutdown programs. It even gives you the ability to automatically delay events if downloads or if key programs which you specify are running.

Auto Shutdown Free  saves you money by cutting down the frivolous use of your computer when the computer is not being used. A 600 watt gaming computer if left running 24/7 will cost you $1000 in electric bills a year. A normal 300 watt PC workstation still costs half that. Why throw your money away when no one is actually using your computer? The more you run your computer the sooner it breaks down. Thus Auto Shutdown Free saves you (1) in electrical bills, (2) in hardware maintenance cost, and (3) in further extending the life expectancy of your existing computer to delay the replacement cost of your computer till years after it would be otherwise necessary.

  Free Download  
Key Features:
  • Available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP both for 32 Bit
    and 64 Bit computers.
  • Shut downs, countdowns, restarts, hibernates, sleeps, power on,
    power off, locks, turning off the monitor, at scheduled time whether logged in or not.
  • Multi-scheduled tasks during the day to meet your needs.
  • Optionally clean up of cookies, history, temporary files, and the recycle bin.
  • A global program available in 66 different languages so everyone can use it.
  • Log each event, with clear easy reporting.
  • Perfect for PCs, laptops, notebooks, for home, school, or the office.
  • And it is free.

Optional Features:
These features available in few if any shutdown software but in Auto Shutdown Pro II are not available in Auto Shutdown Free:
  • Action Schedule,
  • Blocked Time,
  • Busy Shutdown,
  • Heat Shutdown, and
  • Program Launching.

License Upgrades:

Licensing of Auto Shutdown Free is conveyed to the owner of a PC, laptop, or notebook upon the installation of the software for a computer where the program is installed upon. At any time, a user can purchase a license for Auto Shutdown Pro II , install the license, and Auto Shutdown Free then instantly upgrade itself permanently to become Auto Shutdown Pro II fully licensed as such, with all optional features immediately available.

The Bright, Expanding Future of Auto Shutdown Pro II and Auto Shutdown Free :

The strength of these two sister products is in their integrated automation scheduler and launcher. The scope of these two products already extends well beyond traditional automation shutdown programs. The trend will continue, expand and accelerate. Additional tools, features and languages will continue to be added to these two global products at least through 2015. Additional integrated tools and features to be added to these two sister products will include the following:

## Tools and Features Delivery Dates
01 AutoFTP, essentially an integrated client like CuteFTP. 1st half 2013
02 AutoZip,  essentially a combination of WinZip and WinRAR. 1st half 2014
03 AutoDownload,  a fast multithreaded download manager. To be announced.
04 AutoRegClean,  an integrated registry cleaner that can be scheduled. To be announced.
05 lblAutoDefrag,  an integrated schedulable disk defragmenting tool. To be announced.
06 Mouse Key Shutdown,  a new shutdown based on the lack of mouse or keyboard movement after a time period you specify. Current Idle Shutdown  is alternatively based on CPU usage, which is different. To be announced.
07 Repeat Daily Processing,  a new trigger to enable repeat daily processing after so many minutes. To be announced.
08 Batch File Processing,  a new event task to process any batch file a user can create. To be announced.
09 Additional auto scheduling features, a list to long to detail. To be announced.

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